We would like to thank each and every one of the people who have contributed to the development of the first version of the Agrobiodiversity Index methodology and that have supported us throughout this journey. We begin with a word of sincere thanks to our funders, without whom this work would not be possible. Funding has been provided by the European Commission (EC) and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

We also thank:

All scientific collaborators from a variety of institutions, who have provided invaluable inputs to the methodology development, to help us realize our design principles of collaboration and complementarity, and to engage in specific indicators to make them as robust as possible.

Public and private pioneer partners, who have provided feedback and engaged in practical use cases to test the methods with us.

All Bioversity International scientists, who have contributed to the development of the Agrobiodiversity Index methodology.

Clarmondial, The Royal Tropical Institute and Versant Vision for their ongoing partnership on conceptualizing the Agrobiodiversity Index and its applications.

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