To manage agrobiodiversity, we need to measure it

The Agrobiodiversity Index is an innovative tool that brings together data about the agrobiodiversity that people sell and eat, grow and conserve, and provides insights into food system functioning.

The Agrobiodiversity Index measures biodiversity across three domains usually disconnected: nutrition, agriculture and genetic resources. It is an action-oriented tool that identified policy and business levers, good practices and areas for improvements, risks and opportunities, to increase use and conservation of agrobiodiversity for sustainable food systems.


Connecting the pieces of the puzzle

The Agrobiodiversity Index measures the status of agrobiodiversity and to what extent commitments and actions of different food system actors are contributing to its sustainable use and conservation.

The first version of the Agrobiodiversity Index methodology (1.0) was released in March 2019. The Agrobiodiversity Index team is going to release an updated version of the methodology (2.0) by 2020 both as a peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal and as a report. Stay tuned!


The Agrobiodiversity Index has been designed in three forms, to respond to the demand from countries, companies and projects (private, public or mixed)​


Coming soon


coming soon


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